Guarani children playing in Brazil. Photo: Fernanda Neubauer.

Call for Papers: Thematic Issue Archaeology of Childhood

Revista de Arqueologia: volume 31, number 2, December of 2018 Revista de Arqueologia is the peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Brazilian Archaeology. Submissions should be made online in the journal’s website. The invisibility of children in the interpretation of the archaeological record has been questioned by the feminist critique since late 1980s. Archaeologists traditionally…Read More

Anthropologist Sergio Baptista and Guarani Florentina in front of her house in Brazil. Photo: Fernanda Neubauer.

Who Owns the Past?

Archaeology speaks about the past, but also for those people who now embody it. Indigenous people often approach material culture as part of their heritage, and as a structuring element of their identities. Collaborations with indigenous communities and the public raise archaeology’s relevance by engaging directly with the ways that people embody their history, their…Read More

Archaeologist Eric Drake's flintknapping demonstration to local children in the US.