Call for Papers: Thematic Issue Archaeology of Childhood

Call for Papers: Thematic Issue Archaeology of Childhood

Guarani children playing in Brazil. Photo: Fernanda Neubauer.

Revista de Arqueologia: volume 31, number 2, December of 2018

Revista de Arqueologia is the peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Brazilian Archaeology. Submissions should be made online in the journal’s website.

The invisibility of children in the interpretation of the archaeological record has been questioned by the feminist critique since late 1980s. Archaeologists traditionally assumed children to be invisible agents in their research. Children were often unimportant, non-agentive, or impossible to address in archaeological studies. However, we know that children represent a major component of social groups, both in number and social influence. Therefore, it should be expected that they played a relevant role in the creation of the archaeological record, even though we as archaeologists struggle to identify and interpret their impact in the material record. Although the feminist critique has stimulated the systematic study of the archaeology of childhood worldwide, especially in the last few decades, such studies are still rare in the context of Brazilian archaeology. To help overcome this problem, this thematic issue of the Revista de Arqueologia, entitled Archaeology of Childhood, invites article submissions aimed at broadening discussions related to the archaeology of childhood through papers that address case studies related to the material culture created by or for children in different societies and time periods. Articles that discuss theoretical and methodological approaches and cognitive studies are also welcome. The submission deadline is June 30, 2018.

Issue organized by: Fernanda Neubauer, PhD


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