A Festschrift for James M. Skibo now published

A Festschrift for James M. Skibo now published

The special issue that I organized and guest edited with Michael J. Schaefer is now published in The Wisconsin Archeologist. The volume comprises papers dedicated to the career of Dr. James M. Skibo, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at Illinois State University.

Jim’s research and publications have included diverse topics across many regions, including the Philippines, the Midwestern United States, the Great Lakes region, and the American Southwest. The papers assembled in this volume, written by students and colleagues, reflect the broad impact of Jim’s career with an emphasis on his teaching and mentorship, and his legacy of archaeological methods and theory, including pottery use-alteration, behavioral archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, and experimental archaeology, to name a few. These papers celebrate the breadth and depth of Jim’s scholarship and his substantial contributions to the discipline of archaeology.


Fernanda Neubauer, Michael J. Schaefer, Constance M. Arzigian, Katherine P. Stevenson, and Vicki L. Twinde- Javner

Compiled by Fernanda Neubauer

Fernanda Neubauer and Michael J. Schaefer

  • The Life History of the Grand Island Field School Band: “All You Need Is Love,” an Anecdotal Tribute to Honor an Extraordinary Teacher, Mentor, and Friend

Nathaniel Hardwick

  • The Laboratory of Traditional Technology: James M. Skibo and Experimental Archaeology at the University of Arizona

Michael Brian Schiffer

Fernanda Neubauer

  • The Green Site Acorn Parching Feature: Analysis and Actualistic Replication of an Early Late Woodland Acorn Processing Pit

Kathryn M. Frederick, Rebecca K. Albert, and William A. Lovis

  • The Cloudman Site: A Multicomponent Woodland and Historic Period Site in the Upper Great Lakes

Susan M. Kooiman, Christine N. Stephenson, and Sean B. Dunham

  • Constructing and Anchoring Waterscapes: Intersections of Post-Glacial Coastal Geomorphology, Archaeol- ogy, and Anishinaabe Ontologies in the Upper Great Lakes

Kelsey E. Hanson

  • A View of Ceramic Use-Alteration from the Midcontinent: Ancestral Pawnee Pottery Function

Margaret E. Beck

  • Built to Last: James Skibo’s Contribution to Archaeological Theory and Pottery Use-Alteration in Relation to the Gamo of Southwestern Ethiopia

John W. Arthur

  • Classic Period Figurines from the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico, and Their Contexts

Gary M. Feinman and Linda M. Nicholas

  • Warfare, Raiding, and Captive-Taking: Seeking Status in Small-Scale Societies

Catherine M. Cameron

  • Ancient DNA and Behavioral Archaeology: How Dr. James M. Skibo’s Infuence Continues to Reverberate through Twenty-First Century Archaeology

Jakob W. Sedig