Call for Papers: Thematic Issue Archaeology of Violence and Warfare

Call for Papers: Thematic Issue Archaeology of Violence and Warfare

The systematic study of warfare and violence in archaeology has led to advances in our understanding of the scale and roles that they played in the past, and how they relate to society and culture. A wide range of archaeological evidence has been used to identify warfare and violence across time and space, such as skeletal trauma, weapons, fighting technologies, war-related ritual paraphernalia and mass graves, fortifications, and martial iconographies, along with ethnographic and ethnohistoric information.

This volume welcomes archaeological, anthropological and multidisciplinary papers in English, Portuguese, and Spanish from scholars researching violence and/or warfare in any time and place. Topics include, but are not limited to: the social impact of warfare; the ways in which communities have viewed, responded to, and used violence; and the potential interconnections of violence and warfare with gender, childhood, race, ethnicity, and class, as well as with ritual, cosmology, ideology, and other forms of cultural practice and performance. Case studies are particularly welcome, as well as theoretical and methodological discussions of the ways that researchers can study violence and/or warfare in the past.

Guest Editors:

Dr. Fernanda Neubauer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Dr. Nam C. Kim (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Submission Deadline: July 31, 2021

Habitus: volume 19, number 2, December of 2021

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Call for papers in English.

Chamada de artigos em Português: Dossiê Temático Arqueologia da Guerra e da Violência.